Having been commissioned since my teens to produce pet portraits,  I've only recently attempted the mediums of ink and paint.

I started the collection of UK species in 2016 (mostly threatened or endangered) with the aim to imitate the style of early studies of wildlife, while excluding any ‘behaviour’ often portrayed.  I felt it important to undertake as much of the production process myself as possible so I learned how to screen print , and each t-shirt and bag has been printed by me.

Born and raised in South Africa, I moved to the UK in 1994 and am now living in SE London where I am lucky to have access to a nearby printing studio. I completed a BSc in Geology in 2014 but continued to work full time as a Veterinary Nurse, which has been my profession for 22 years. Illustration has always been a hobby and something I would prefer to have more time on which to spend.


 Photo: Gerickes Point, Sedgefield, South Africa